Socrates – Poisoned Again

After 25 Centuries



After his illegal arrest and following his expulsion from the USA, Osho was expelled from 21 states altogether over the following year, always without any indication of reasons and under partial dramatic circumstances.


He returned first to his home country, India, where they tried to separate him from his Sannyasins by cancelling all their visas and withdrawing residence permits, in order to isolate and silence him. Osho flew on invitation of his Greek Sannyasins to Crete/Greece.


There he started to give discourses again a few days after his arrival.

Only 2 days later the archbishop of the Greek orthodox church threatened to dynamite the house in which Osho lived and he was thrown out of the country immediately.

The reasons for the archbishop going berserk were exactly the same as Socrates were accused of 2500 years earlier:

“this man is dangerous: he is extremely intelligent, he can destroy our youth, its morality. He can corrupt people by his ideas, destroy the tradition, the religion, he can create a disorder”.

Osho had only one answer for this:

"If your religion, that you have been establishing for two thousand years, is so poor that it can be destroyed in three weeks' time, if your morality is so rotten that a single person on a three-week tourist visa can demolish your morality, then it is worth demolishing whether I come or not! You should do it yourself."


A few days later the Greek police stormed the house in which Osho lived without reason and without a warrant, struck down his secretary and pulled him almost out of his bed in order to kidnap him.

Fortunately, sufficient Sannyasins were present, who took up the pursuit of the police cars.

Osho was brought to the local airport and expelled from the country the very same day.


This film describes the events of those days in dramatic way and shows the press conference given by Osho at the airport to an hastily summoned press

43 min