Fear is the Master
Inconceivably provocative smear campaign of the most repulsive kind

This film made by a Christian American production company appears to originate straight out of the torture chambers of the inquisition.

It is without a doubt the most disgusting and most slanderous contributions ever made to the subject of Osho. 

In its incomparable maliciousness, it can only be compared to the film „The eternal Jew“ made by the Goebbels propaganda department.

With an enormous criminal energy, Osho’s statements are torn out of context or turned on their heads. So, for example, passages where Osho attempts to describe the sick world of Hitler’s thoughts are portrayed as though he is describing his own thoughts.

From the outset, Osho is represented as a perverted madman who surrounds himself with brainwashed zombies who are incalculable and ready for anything as soon as their leader gives them the command without any misgivings.

Additionally, pictures of Hitler are deliberately supported by Osho’s words and then blended with visually comparable pictures from the ranch.

Here are only a few examples from the film which make you shudder just looking at them:




At the end it is even suggested that Osho, with his teachings, drives his supporters into certain death.

This film should apparently prepare the American people of 1985 for a forthcoming massacre
Since the end of September 1985, 15 bullet proof troop transporters manned by 600 heavily armed national guard troops stood in the hills around the ranch, ready for a violent storming of the Rajneeshpurams and the detention of Bhagwan.

As if these units were not enough, another 600 men from FBI SWAT-teams from Seattle in Portland were on standby along with 800 soldiers from the state troops of the regular army.
From 30th September, 3 HUEY-team helicopters were at Redmont airport on 24 hour standby.
The troops were supposed to be focusing on 3 strategically important points at the same time and from 3 different directions: Redmont, Shaniko und Madras, 3 places further out in the surroundings of the ranch.

Max Brecher: A Passage to America S. 266ff

If Osho had not left the ranch at the last minute, it could certainly have come to a large-scale massacre in Oregon.

And after this film the US public would already have a suitable explanation: their own fault, we knew all along. 

Whoever produces such a film is an armchair actor, who not only accepts a mass murder but is willingly complicit.

The end of the film, where the Sannyasins sink into machine gun can, in this context, only be seen as a call to murder.

The extent to which Osho was aware about the situation was made very clear in an interview he gave in 1989 shortly before his death to the American journalist Max Brecher for his brilliantly researched book "A Passage to America":
As to the question as to why he had left the ranch by plane at the end of October, not to fly across the Pacific to leave the USA as quickly as possible but to North Carolina where he would eventually be arrested by FBI agents, Osho gives the following answer:

I went to Charlotte as the National Guard had been surrounding the commune on standby for 6 weeks, ready to penetrate the commune.
Of course the 5000 Sannyasins there would not have tolerated it if i had been arrested there and it would have come to a bloodbath. I went to Charlotte in order to avoid this. I only did it to avoid a bloodbath amongst the Sannyasins.
In Charlotte there were no Sannyasins who could be made complicit in my arrest. And there was a beautiful house in the mountains where I could stay..... I wanted to prevent a bloodbath in the commune which is what it would have come to had I been arrested there.

 Max Brecher: A Passage to America p. 289ff

Robert Weaver, US-Attorney in Portland said of the feared massacres on the Sannyasins:

It is not the task of the government to make their job easier for these guys (referring to the National Guard).

Osho was already clear in his attitude in an interview from 26th July 1985:
On the question of why the USA is so violent, he gives a very clear answer:
"Violence is America’s religion".

The Last Testament, Vol 1  #9
26 July 1985 pm in Jesus Grove


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